Disrupting to progress – shaking up the claims management landscape in Scotland

Posted on 29 Mar 2018

Disrupting to progress – shaking up the claims management landscape in Scotland

International legal business DWF held its fourth Disrupt to Progress Forum in their Glasgow office on Wednesday 28th March together with key industry bodies and insurance companies.

Representatives from insurance companies including Aviva, AXA, LV=, DLG and Amlin came together with DWF's counter fraud team to discuss claims management regulation in Scotland.  Chaired by Lorraine Carolan, DWF's National Head of Counter Fraud, the forum included representatives from the ABI, FCA, IFB, IFED, MOJ, Police Scotland, HRMC. 

Issues discussed included the current claims management company landscape in Scotland and issues learned from the England/Wales experience. Timescales around proposed regulation in Scotland and the need to work together to promote information sharing and create disruption where needed in this market was also discussed at the event. 

Jill Sinclair, DWF Head of Counter Fraud (Scotland) said: “The Scottish claims environment will be transformed over the next year with the advent of DBAs, QOCS and the regulation of Scottish claims management companies.  This was the ideal time to bring together industry bodies to work together to develop strategies, share information and continue to disrupt fraudsters in Scotland.  The key message for insurers is to act now, prepare for the changes afoot and take the opportunity to help shape the new claims landscape.”

Kevin Rousell, Claims Management Regulator in the Ministry of Justice, said: “As Scotland prepares for significant change in relation to claims litigation and the provision of claims services, I was delighted to be able to contribute to a wide-ranging discussion on developing strategies to tackle the likely threats and risks and to help ensure lessons from the experiences in England and Wales inform the response.  The experiences have shown the crucial role collaboration between regulators, other enforcement agencies and key stakeholders has to play to ensure that bad claims management practices’ are tackled, redress mechanisms work efficiently and effectively and the public are protected.”

Mike Monkton, Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department, said: “Through collaborative efforts of DWF’s counter fraud team along with the insurance industry, regulatory bodies and prosecution agencies, this is a great opportunity for Scotland to get ahead of the game in the fight against the claims management companies who choose to put forward fraudulent claims.  By working together it gives the insurance companies a chance to put measures in place to prevent the fraudulent claims before they are processed.”