When a romantic trip is cancelled don’t be left with a broken heart and out of pocket?

Posted on 12 Feb 2018

When a romantic trip is cancelled don’t be left with a broken heart and out of pocket?

Love is most definitely in the air and for many a romantic trip is the ideal way to show your partner you care.  But what happens if your partner breaks up with you before the trip and leaves your heart and bank balance in tatters?

Fiona Macrae from website Travel Insurance Explained provides some essential advice for those looking to ensure they are not left out of pocket if the path to true love does not run smoothly.

  1. My boyfriend and I broke up before our holiday; will my travel insurance cover me if I cancel the trip?

This depends on the type of travel insurance cover you have. Although there are a few policies that will cover you for ‘cancellation for any cause beyond your reasonable control’, most insurers will only provide cover for specific reasons such as cancellation due to death, injury or illness of you, your travelling companion, close relative, you are required for Jury Service or you are made redundant. If your reasons for cancelling fall outside of these then generally, you won’t be covered and unable to reclaim the cost of the trip

  1. I have had to cancel my staycation, will travel insurance cover a UK trip or is it just for overseas travel?

You can purchase travel insurance for a trip within the UK, and it is recommended, although most travel insurance policies will only offer cover for a trip with a minimum of 2 nights, three days, staying in pre-paid accommodation, so it’s important to keep this in mind.

  1. My Valentine’s trip was booked so I could propose to my girlfriend but I have lost the engagement ring? Will my travel insurance cover the cost of replacing the ring?

You would only be able to make a claim if this happened on the trip, and not before you left. It would also depend on the cost of your engagement ring; most travel insurance policies will cover personal possessions including lost or stolen jewellery, but do check the policy as this may be under a ‘valuables’ section. And, take a look at the single item limit as it may not be high enough to cover the value of the ring. We would recommend you either look for a policy that has a high personal possession/valuables limit and single article limit or add the engagement ring to your home contents insurance – just make sure you have worldwide and all risks cover on your home insurance possessions/valuables.

  1. The activities and excursions that were planned for the holiday are non-refundable. Can I claim on my travel insurance for the cost of these activities?

Although most travel insurance policies will not cover you for unusable pre-paid activities or excursions, there are a few that will – just look for ‘cover for unused pre-paid excursions that you cannot get back from anywhere else’.

  1. When should I buy my travel insurance policy – when I book the trip or when I am about to depart?

We always recommend you buy your travel insurance as soon as possible after booking your holiday and paying your deposit, that way if anything unexpected causes you to cancel your holiday you will be covered. Remember to look for a policy that covers ‘cancellation for any cause beyond your reasonable control’.

  1. How do I make sure that my travel insurance policy is right for me?

When it comes to travel insurance, there is no such thing as ‘one size, fits all’. The type of policy you need will depend on the type of holiday you have booked, the destination you are travelling to and the length of time you plan to stay there, whether you have any medical conditions and your personal requirements from a policy i.e. gadget cover, connecting flights, etc.

Try not to buy the first or cheapest policy you see; spend some time researching different policies to make sure you are buying one that is suitable for you and not just based on price.

  1. What are the key things I need to look out for when buying a policy and how do I compare policies?

When buying a travel insurance policy, the key things you need to make sure are covered properly are cancellation, medical expenses and repatriation, curtailment (cutting short your trip) and personal possessions.

Once you have found a policy that offers the right cover, it is important to look beyond this and make sure you are buying a policy that meets your needs i.e. ‘cancellation for any cause beyond your reasonable control’, cover for existing medical conditions, gadget cover as standard, cover for your baggage that will not deduct any wear and tear damage in the event of a claim, etc.

This information can be found in the policy wording and whilst it might not be the most exciting activity, it is time well spent and vital you check for any exclusions before buying a policy.

If you are not sure what to look for, there is lots of advice on travel insurance at www.travelinsuranceexplained.co.uk

Fiona Macrae said, “Love is unpredictable and things can change at any moment but there are steps people can take to make sure that they are not left with a stinging bill when things don’t go to plan.  Buying the right travel insurance policy with the most suitable cover for you, will ensure that there is protection if you have to cancel a trip for reasons beyond your control – such as your partner breaking-up with you.  Most travel insurance policies do not offer this cover so it’s vital to check the cover limits and exclusions to make sure your heartache isn’t compounded with a hefty bill to pay.”