Matthew Longbottom

Account Director
Matthew Longbottom

Matthew is an account director with a strong focus on insurance and professional services. He is well versed in handling crisis issues as well as managing projects on a local, national and international scale.

Matthew started his career as a Financial Analyst with Hemmington Scott. He then moved into journalism as a ‘stock-tipper’, registered with the FSA and writing daily stocks and shares advice. 

After the bubble burst he moved away from investment advice and journalism and moved into public relations. He has the experience of working in a small number of public relations agencies, financial and City based, each with slightly different specialisms. This has allowed him, over time, to become a niche expert specialising in the legal, wealth management and insurance sectors respectively.

Matthew has also spent a number of years working in-house for the accountancy/consultancy firms Deloitte and BDO. At Deloitte he managed PR activity for the technology, media and telecoms division and public sector division. He co-ordinated a number of international projects and advised and dealt with multiple crisis management situations involving national and international media. For the public sector division he organised and managed a number of launches including work with local and national government.

At BDO, Matthew managed PR for the tax and forensic accounting divisions. He also planned and co-ordinated all activity around the Budget, involving firm-wide engagement with the national broadcasters and newspapers. With the Forensics division he was responsible for the legal fees ‘Stop the Clock’ report and the annual Fraudtrack survey.

Matthew has worked in insurance PR for over five years with a wide variety of clients including those with a national and international focus. He has helped launch a number of new businesses as well as growing and developing profiles and reputations of businesses resulting in direct benefits to their bottom line. He also has extensive experience of managing and containing crises so that the businesses, those affected and the media are all satisfied with the final results.


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