Exchanges, Associations and Governments

FWD’s expertise is not limited to advising corporations. Our team has a proven track record with a wide spectrum of organisations that impact upon all facets of business life and beyond, from Governments and Governmental bodies, to international Stock Exchanges and a multitude of Trade Associations large and small.

Such institutions require unique skill sets and an approach to communications that is particularly bespoke to each. These organisations’ issues and ambitions tend to vary considerably from mainstream business, but ultimately, like a “typical” company, they want to be understood and for their messages to be conveyed succinctly and accurately to the audiences they seek to influence. 

Our team has acted on behalf of several international Exchanges which were seeking to champion their services within the UK markets and to raise the profile of both themselves and their member companies. We have also helped to publicly float one Exchange on the public markets, an exercise that proved so successful that it was seven times oversubscribed.

We have acted for the Swiss Government on a global dilemma that involved all leading nations – seeking a resolution on the Nazi gold issue. We also advised the UK’s Ministry of Justice on a qualitative and quantitative research project investigating consumer understanding of Legal Expenses Insurance and its broader regulation.

Our close links to, and understanding of, the insurance and financial services sectors have led to our being asked to assist and advise a plethora of trade bodies that represent their members in their respective markets.