Corporate Communications

At the heart of FWD’s expertise is the ability to advise clients over the long term on how to raise profile, or reposition the way the rest of the market sees their business. A typical strategic engagement may revolve around a three to five year repositioning programme, often for a firm that has recently been bought or sold, or is likely to engage in M&A activity over the coming years. In other cases we are asked to communicate a renewed sense of purpose around a business which has been seen to be drifting, defocused or in decline by the market.

All these situations require a long-term and strategic take on media relations and communications planning. This work starts with a close understanding of financials and business goals and our team is accustomed to working at CEO-level on business plans and P&L projections. From these there needs to be a distillation into a fully-planned communications strategy that will help support the sales and revenue-generating activities of the firm. This plan is something that we can develop ourselves, or work with the CEO and senior management to create. In many cases, this may also mean working with a company’s advisers to look at corporate valuations, announcements and positioning of results and, if listed, how to manage communication with relevant analysts.

From this springs the tactical element – a map of relationships to be built, target stories and headlines, and the ongoing activity to ensure that the business gets the right kind of print-press and online coverage, including social media activity.