Media Relations

Media relations is one of the cornerstones of FWD’s success. At the heart of our expertise is the experience and skill to create productive relationships with journalists, editors and their publications and to use these to enable our clients to effectively communicate business ideas, plans, products and messages to the press.

For many of our team this is second nature: with an average of 17 years’ industry experience across the team, most of us have been working with sector specific journalists for well over a decade, and often this means we already have long-term relationships in place at every level, from the national press to the business and sector trade magazines, from print to online and digital.

For you this means that when your business needs to communicate a specific message, we can almost always make that connection directly for you. And if a story needs to be communicated in writing, we have a selection of talented writers (some of them ex-journalists themselves) who can draft your press communications, tweets, blogs and articles.

Working with journalists is our day-to-day reality, and we are trusted both by clients and  journalists to be effective in delivering articles, coverage and news that works for all parties on an ongoing basis.