Strategic Positioning

Strategic insight and direction should be inherent in all communication activities to strengthen their commercial outcome. All too often, however, the 'strategy' is seen as a separate entity and merely a point of reference against which to tick boxes. Subsequently, it often gets diluted or lost along the way.

Our strategic positioning offering is focused purely on adding value to our clients' communication activities. We combine our in-depth financial services knowledge with our communication expertise to ensure our work is relevant and has commercial follow-through to implementation.

Our approach is always to clearly articulate:

Areas of expertise include:

  • Overall business positioning at times of change
    CEO-level advice during periods of dramatic business change, together with longer-term assessments of how to publicly communicate a changing company persona.
  • Holistic assessment of collateral
    Robust review of an existing suite of material from the perspectives of the audience at which it is aimed, as well as its fulfillment of the continual reinforcement of key brand messages.
  • Vision, values and key messages
    Engaging with technical professionals, product specialists and Board directors to rationalise or develop demonstrable strategic statements and language that can be woven into the full range of internal and external communications.
  • Core ‘themes’
    Developing and articulating a series of key themes that will form an integral part of the communications activities for a given time period, such as a year.
  • Building or refining philosophies and processes
    Interviewing fund managers or product specialists and then writing clearly articulated documents in a variety of formats, such as presentations and prose (the latter often being used for RFPs).
  • Internal communications
    Strategic assessment of existing internal communications, undertaking interviews or group sessions to capture perspectives from across the business.